Our aim ist to supply - the equipment for animal friendly and economical livestock systems with satisfied customers who recommend us to others. Schauer has been a leading provider of pig farming systems for almost 7 decades. These reference customers get to the point.

More than 80,000 customers worldwide have chosen Schauer Agrotronic products and system solutions, and they are getting more every day. The comprehensive know-how in the planning and implementation of the stable construction projects in the pig, cattle and horse area creates trust as does the reliability in the implementation and customer service. In particular the promise to provide spare parts over decades for technical components as well as electronic controls, sets Schauer apart from its competitors and gives its customers the security to choose the right partner for their investments.


Spotmix Multiphase Feeder and Compident ESF 

Farm report

Terpstra Farm Canada

Better sow management with Compident ESF from Schauer supported by AP

Farm report

Esplunda – Grisen AB

Successful implementation of open farrowing boxes (SCHAUER - BeFree) in Sweden.

Farm report

Compident- Fair Oaks Farm

Close to Chicago in the US there is a unique show farm called "Fair Oaks Pig Adventure". People who want to see for themselves, what modern group housing means in practice, should visit that location.
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Uni Gießen Research Facility Oberer Hardthof about Spotmix

Spotmix Multiphase pig feeding ist the heart of the research center Hardthof in Germany. The Justus-Liebig University has been focusing on innovative farming since 1963. 

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Albesa Ramader

The pig industry is undergoing a major process of change. Many should be considered and adapted into pig production.

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