Faro feed pushing robot

Faro feed pusher is the best friend in the barn! It diligently cares for your cows, it remains intelligent on the way out and on the way back on the track. Safety is an important element!

Feed pushing with "All - in - one" quality

With the newly designed Schauer FARO feed delivery robot, you can save both time and money:

  • 24h a day access to fresh food
  • Increase in feed intake
  • Increase in milk yield

The medium sized, compact and peculiarly reliable helper:

  • Feed pushing smoothly in both directions
  • "Dynamic thrusting"  - FARO moves feed silage with the perfect pressure to the fence
  • Optionally supply up to two varieties of Concentrated feed
  • Current status and log data are uploaded directly to the Cloud
  • FaroSmart App with high comfort to teach and manoeuvre the robot


Functions that will excite you:

FARO has the ability to change direction, which makes it possible to feed on both

ways through the barn. This saves time and energy. Through the self-cleaning mechanism,

it guarantees a hygienic feeding process. Food leftovers can easily escape during

pushing by automatically opening the scraper bar. A safety switch and dynamic overcurrent

detection ensure safe operation.




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