Goat brush

Well cleaned is half fed

For well-being and comfort in your stable. Scratch brushes are useful for body care and curiosity. They should reach the animal from head to tail approach, be mobile and strong. Then nothing is in the way of scratchy pleasure!


Schauer swinging brush for goats

  • Movable brush body is interesting for animals
  • Firm and stable
  • Good reach of the entire goat 
  • Robust quality and hot-dip galvanized
  • Impressive brush force: 13 brush rings, spare rings available


Schurr 2 - brush system Automatic brush for goats

  • Two brushes provide maximum massage effect
  • Easy starting by turning the brush
  • Scratchy pleasure for as long as the animal is under the brushes
  • Strong quality of motorand brushes
  • Proven use of goat's brush for over 10 years


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