Topo feeding computer

Our Topo feeding computer is technologically advanced and powerful. It gives you a good overview and is ease to use. You have everything under control at all times!

Topo - the new generation!

Topo - now even faster and more powerful

  • 5 times faster
  • SSD storage
  • Auto Backup
  • Data export in many formats
  • Built-in uninterruptible power supply


Topo Multicontrol - even more performance for large pig farms:

  • Up to 4 Liquimix or Spotmix in parallel
  • Up to 24 scales and 8 premix tanks
  • Additionally Compident and MamaDos
  • Central data management, easy relocation
  • Optional 2 screen solution, view all your locations at once


NEW: Topo Animal Care Management

The new Topo animal treatment management system is an additional function of the feeding computer. This enables the exact documentation of the use of medication which is a legal requirement. Used quantities are automatically deducted from the stock.

Topo, VUI and Software

The new Topo VUI is available for the following products:


PIGmanager mobile 4

Spotmix Fish

Compident Horse


Compident Cow



Our Topo feeding computer with visual user interface (VUI) is modern, extremely user friendly and powerful. The new multi-Topo meets the highest demands of large pig farms for the simultaneous operation of several feeding systems. The software is characterized by an intuitive and logical arrangement of the functional areas and offers not only the highest functionality but also a perfect overview and ease of use.

Liquimix Liquid Feeding Systems

Liquimix: modern and efficient

Pig stable

More successful with professional and animal friendly pig farming


Because the welfare of animals is important for us!