Stalltechnikinnovation und Qualitätsbewusstsein als Motor für den Erfolg

Company Profile

Animal-friendly farming systems for cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and goats –  with leading feeding technology and  quality management capability. Schauer Agrotronic offers you the perfect solution for professional livestock farming. Use our experience to perfect your system.

Our profile for you

  • Traditional company with 70 years of experience & family strength
  • Mission: Success in animal husbandry on an animal friendly basis
  • Vision: A performer, market-leading, financially strong company
  • Premium quality made in "Prambachkirchen" Austria
  • Holistic development and production on site:

       Mechanical Components - Hardware - Software

  • Passion for the perfect overall system in animal husbandry,
  • Innovative employees with a high degree of practical relevance
  • Technology leader in feeding technology
  • leading system provider in animal husbandry


Our ideas in many locations

"Always an idea ahead" - this high level of innovation has led to market and technology-leading products such as Compident on-demand feeding and Spotmix multiphase feeding. Schauer Agrotronic is today regarded worldwide as a "specialist" in feeding technology. At the same time the company has developed  the competence to implement complex projects.

We are able to plan and implement "PERFECT FARMING SYSTEMS" that work sustainably and reliably in daily operations and thus bring in more money.

In addition to its head office and production site in Prambachkirchen, Schauer Agrotronic has nine branches in Sursee (CH), Gambara (I), Pocking (D), Nitra (SK), Dugo Selo (HR), Cluj-Napoca (RO), Novi Sad (SRB), Boryspil (UA), Moscow (RU) and Qingdao (CN) with a total of 350 employees, with 270 employees at the headquarters in Prambachkirchen. Particularly noteworthy is the high value of apprenticeship training provided by the company, which has been repeatedly won awards from the Province of Upper Austria.