The new and inexpensive "feeding solution" for your goat or sheep pen

The new and great innovation for an efficient, economic and permanent feeding solution for your goats or sheep! 

Minimal effort and maximum time savings!

Time is money. Free time is gold. This applies to all goat and sheep farms, large or small.The new Feedo feeding belt has now been developed to implement the permantent feed supply with minimal work at low cost.

Professional mechanization, also for new farmers.

Goat and sheep farmers save a lot of time with this unique and inexpensive mechanization for goat feeding. The Feedo feeding belt can be adjusted to a width of between 60 and 160 centimetres. Different drive winch options enable belt lengths of up to 100 meters. An indoor crane, wheel loader or stationary mixing wagon can supply the machine with feed. The narrow feeding table makes it possible to create more space for the animals during modifications and saves construction costs. 

The new Feedo feeding belt does a great job: 

  • Inexpensive and feed supply for the whole day, 
  • Minimal effort and maximum time savings 
  • Easy to fill using an indoor crane, wheel loader or stationary mixer wagon. 
  • It is individually tailored to your business, available in a width of 60 cm to 160 cm. 
  • Speed ​​individually adjustable by frequency control 
  • Convenient operation when filling with radio remote control 

If you have any questions or are interested in our Feedo feeding belt for efficient and cost-effective feeding of goats or sheep, please do not hesitate to contact us.