Compident Cow Electronic cattle feeding

With Compident Cow and individual feed quantities to maximise performance

Your benefits with Compident Cow

Compident COW II is an automatic computer-controlled electronic feeding system. It calculates and allocates the individual feed requirement of each cow. The parameters therefore are milk yield, lactation phase, forage and animal weight.

Our user friendly software includes a variety of customizable management functions.

  • Durable construction
  • Considerable labour savings
  • Significant increase in performance
  • Targeted feed use
  • Program interface is easy to use and easy to understand  
  • No food trickling at the dispensers
  • Expandable and flexible


Compident Cow Duo Station

  • Double Station
  • Two animals feed at the same time
  • Individual feeding for each animal
  • Saves free space in your barn





Modular design for up to 6 dispensers per station.

The right dispenser for every type of feed

Due to the special geometry of the dispensers` bridge formations are avoided.

  • 6 liter dosing unit with dosing screw for particularly small quantities
  • 20 liter doser for mealy feed and pellets up to 8 mm diameter
  • Cid Cow liquid dispenser for liquid additives

The optional filling control system monitors not only every single dosing process but also the spiral feeder.

Main station

Stable frame construction made of galvanized steel with settings for optimal adaptation to the stable floor. Trough area made of stainless steel with round trough bowl so that the animals can feed quickly and cleanly. The specially designed trough area prevents feed losses.

Dispensers and station electronics are mounted on an independent frame construction and are thus protected from shocks. This is the only way the feed can trickle down effectively in a simple way.

Compident Cow Duo Station

  • Double Station
  • Two animals feed at the same time
  • Individual feeding for each animal
  • Saves free space in your barn


    With just a few frame components, the head station can be extended to a run-through or return station. Thanks to the pneumatic computer-controlled entrance door, the animal can eat the ration stress-free and protected from subsequent animals. Risk of injury by trailing animals is effectively avoided.

    • Run - through station: high throughput as the animals can leave the station in the direction of travel
    • Return station: for space-saving installation

    Thanks to the optimized design of the frame construction, manure removal systems and robots can carry out their work independent of the daily routine of the station.


    • Topo feeding computer in an office or wet room version with 19 "monitor
    • Process visualization and intuitive operation
    • LAN interface and remote access
    • Data interface to performance control associations
    • Printing with commercially available printers
    • Create individual work plans
    • Treatment Protocol
    • Sophisticated herd management with cow calendar and all important breeding data
    • Best overview of the entire herd


    Possible recognition systems:

    • Collar transponder
    • Ear tag transponder
    • Leg transponder


    Transfeed DEC

    TMR feeding robot Transfeed DEC

    Cattle loose housing

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