Dryfeed dry feeding

Ideal for use with dry, floury or pelleted feed to feed large groups of animals with one feed mix per cycle

Intelligent, easy and safe

Schauer Dryfeed dry feeding systems are characterized by extremely robust, durable and service-friendly design and components. The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel in the area of the drive unit ensures optimum hygiene standards.

Innovations such as Dryfeed Batch make it possible to increase reliability and reduce wear and tear.


Advantages of Schauer dry feed systems that will convince you:

  • Schauer dry feed systems impress with their thoroughly robust, long-lasting and servicing-friendly construction and components.
  • Cable-sheave chain conveyor systems are used most, all over the world, where simplicity of operation and one's own servicing of the systems are priorities.
  • Ideal for the use of dry, floury or pellet-form feed for supplying to large groups of animals with a feed mix for each conveying group. Multi-phase systems are possible as an option.


Various automatic feeders, which constructively reduce feed losses, supplement the product range in the dry feeding area:

  • Optimat - the "Clean one" minimizes feed loss
  • Profimat - the "Big one" with spacious feeding places
  • Multimat - the "Flexible one" for CCM and wet corn
  • Maximat - the "Long one" sturdy, simple and practical
  • Volume dispenser - the "Soloist" for single animal feeding