Automatic feeding

Powerful and healthy sheep and goats need targeted feeding. Health and hygiene are very important here. Your stable takes away a lot of pressure from your daily work routine with proper planning and automation!

Our automatic feeding has been tried and tested and makes your everyday life easier. You will noticeably have more time! We are experts in feeding and offer equipment that has been tried and tested thousands of times. An excellent quality of materials is self-evident.

  • Our Dry Feeding Dryfeed is the professional choice in milking parlour feeding. This makes the concentrate feed fast and easy. Find out more here!


The Transfeed DEC drives quietly and steadily along the ceiling of your barn and distributes just the right amount of food

  • Transfeed DEC sheep and goat
  • multiple, automatic feed template
  • needs-based quantity, less loss of feed
  • Increase in milk yield and good growth
  • Energy saving master: only 2.2 kW for mixing and distribution
  • Labour savings 2 hours a day


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