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Animal welfare barn for pig fattening

Interesting farm report at the Bauer family in Peuerbach, Austria - INFORM NOW!

NatureLine organic pig house for breeding and fattening!

Interesting company report at the Seiser family in Termitz, Austria - INFORM NOW!

Liquid feeding and fermenting for top daily gains and top feed conversion!

Interesting company report at the Kirmaier family in bavaria, Germany - INFORM NOW!

Compident Simultan Feeding System

Electronic sow feeding for variable, fixed or dynamic sow groups!

Product video Strohmatic bedding system!

Interesting product video at the Glaß family in Donau-Rieß, Germany - INFORM NOW!

Strohmatic Light 80 straw bedding system (Fam. Holzinger, Austria)

Interesting product presentation at the Holzinger farm in austria - VIEW VIDEO NOW!

ENRO plus manure removal robot!

Interesting company report from the Seidl family in Raab, Austria - INFORM NOW!