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Kruisem Farm in Flanders!

A large and professional sow-farm with highly integrated sustainability and animal welfare - INFORM NOW!

Modern NatureLine AMA TW 100 animal welfare barn for the Loidl family!

Interesting farm report from our customer, the Loidl family in southern Styria (Austria) - GET INFORMED NOW!

Fully air-conditioned calf barn for calf rosé production!

Interesting company report from our customer, the Bermanschläger family in Austria - GET INFORMED NOW!

Modern IP-Suisse animal welfare label pigsty!

Fascinating company reportage at our customer, Peter Schmitz in the canton of Bern in Switzerland - INFORM NOW!

Innovative pig farm Cerdos Delux

Innovative pig farm which is part of the Piensos Group, near Zaragoza in Spain - INFORM NOW!

Feedo feeding belt for easy and efficient cattle feeding!

Farm reportage at the Feichtner family farm in Kirchbichl in Tyrol - INFORM AND INQUIRE NOW!

AI feeds sows

Bulgarian National TV - report about Compidet ESF