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Animal welfare barn for pig fattening

Interesting farm report at the Bauer family in Peuerbach, Austria

NatureLine organic pig house for breeding and fattening!

Interesting company report at the Seiser family in Termitz, Austria

Liquid feeding and fermenting for top daily gains and top feed conversion!

Interesting company report at the Kirmaier family in bavaria, Germany

Compident Simultan Feeding System

Electronic sow feeding for variable, fixed or dynamic sow groups!

Product video Strohmatic bedding system!

Interesting product video at the Glaß family in Donau-Rieß, Germany

Strohmatic Light 80 straw bedding system (Fam. Holzinger, Austria)

Interesting product presentation at the Holzinger farm in austria - VIEW VIDEO NOW!

ENRO plus manure removal robot!

Interesting company report from the Seidl family in Raab, Austria - INFORM NOW!