Perfect Farming systems for 2021 and beyond.

Whether you are a pig farmer or cattle farmer, awesome innovations are waiting for you.

Equipment for Pig Farms

Compident MLP piglet

Fattening performance test - the world's most precise and Europe-wide leading technology - now also available for piglet tests.


Compident 8 ESF with scaling device

Compident 8 Electronic feeding – now monitoring of sow's health with animal scales available.
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Free farrowing pen BeFree 3.0 (FT30)

BeFree 3.0 FT 30 farrowing pen - future-oriented solution for more freedom and success in farrowing with the best pre-conditions for long tails. 

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WingFree free farrowing pen - animal-friendly, safe and flexible

In addition to the BeFree free farrowing pen, which has established itself throughout Europe as a leading and animal-friendly free farrowing pen, Schauer Agrotronic has been expanding its product portfolio with the new "WingFree" free farrowing pen. Find out more

Babyfeed trough emtying system

Babyfeed - suckling pig feeding with a new, optimized feeding trough for effective, automatic trough emptying.

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MamaDos - sow feeding system with new dispenser for even more floury feed

Professional sow farmers will gratefully welcome MamaDos with new hopper for flexible use and quick installation.

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Liquimix OperationScan 4.0

Automatic system and wear monitoring for liquid feeding systems
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The next generation feeding computer from Schauer Agrotronic for safe and functional feeding management.

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Equipment for Cattle and Pig Farms

Strohmatic light 80 / 200 (available in EU) 

Strohmatic light 80 - the innovation of the year for littering and automatic, inexpensive distribution of organic enrichment in pig stables

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