Equipment for Pig Farms

Babyfeed suckling pig feeder fermentation system

With this system, Schauer is introducing a fully-automatic fermentation system for the Schauer Babyfeed suckling pig feeder. With this, it is possible to offer fermented feed using the tried-and-tested batch method right from the first day. Treatment and preparation, as well as complete hygiene management, take place fully automatically. This means that the operator incurs no additional fees. The new automatic pneumatic trough cleaning system for Babyfeed saves extensive working time and improves the hygiene and therefore also the feed intake of the piglet feed.

Babyfeed suckling pig feeder

The pig pen without slurry and manure

an innovative complete system designed to avoid manure and ammonia emissions when producing finisher pigs 

In the newly developed low-emissions pig pen system, pigs are kept in an outdoor climate stall with internal, encapsulated comfort area. All aspects of animal health and welfare are taken into consideration. Neither dung nor liquid manure arise at the end. Faeces and urine are collected separately and further treated to produce fertilizer products or biogas substrate. Ammonia emissions are reduced by 70% and methane emissions by 90%. The system is registered for patent.

NatureLine fattening house

PigGuard pendulum-scraper

Manure removal for animal welfare pig pens with obstacle detection


BeFree 2.0 – animal welfare farrowing pen

An increasing number of pig breeding operations are using so-called free movement pens, either voluntarily or due to financial incentives. BeFree has already made a name for itself here throughout Europe, and has now been functionally further developed to expand the size of the piglet nest as required. This enables more flexible adjustment of the length and width of the pen, and means that driving the sows in and out is easier and more convenient, thanks to the pivoting pen wall.

Befree farrowing pen

Schauer Farmmanagement 4.0

With the concept of Schauer Farmmanagement 4.0, Schauer offers intra-system hardware and software components with which feed, ventilation, silo weights, etc., can be monitored and managed. With the NFC technology, familiar from payment systems, tasks are performed quickly and without tedious inputs in the SmartControl. Data can be stored locally within the organisation, and can be additionally made available on the Cloud as a backup for inter-operations management.


Spotmix Speed

Spotmix multiphase feeding has been the undisputed technology leader for pig feeding for over 20 years now, and has been successfully used many thousands of times over. The redesign - Spotmix 3 - facilitates the use of even more feeding components in an elegant and compact format. The program update for the TOPO Spotmix feeding software now enables an automatic feed curve change in accordance with actual consumption and therefore saves additional feed costs. The “Speed” package is the perfect “tuning option” with enhanced performance of up to 35% compared to the standard equipment for large operations.

Spotmix Pig feeding