ENRO manure robot

You'll like the ENRO manure robot - its flat design, its heavy weight and its safety! The ease of use and the simple programming will inspire you. If hygiene and hoof health in the dairy cattle shed are important to you, and reduced working time is an additional argument? Then grab it now!

ENRO-dung removal robot - so hard working and clever

The new Schauer ENRO manure removal robot finds its way with intelligent sensor technology. Nothing is left to chance!
Fast when cleaning slatted floors and adjacent hard surfaces! Claw hygiene and udder health are important for healthy and efficient dairy cows.
Heavyweight - High dead weight of 450 kg and agricultural profile tires reduces slippage to a minimum, thereby ensuring high reliability
Manageable - Simple route planning on the PC - no tedious training in the dirt area of the barn, easy programming and practicing various routes. No random runs, everything according to plan!
Easy - remote control via smartphone - with Schauer App SmartControl, intuitive and easy
Flat and agile - Optimal low height - The ENRO is everywhere! Minimum passage height 42 cm,
Optimal charging - Condition monitoring ensures a long service life and gentle charging

Technical details

  • Red Banner Caption: Dimensions (lxwxh): 1100x1200x400mm
  • Weight 450kg + Agricultural profile tires provide rich grip
  • "Semicircular" construction so never stuck in corners, Animal friendly design
  • Self-alignment of the plow blade

Video: ENRO robots

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