Calf barn

Healthy and fast-growing calves need lots of light, air and exercise and of course you for their daily care! We build your calf barn cost-effectively, efficient in management and comfortable for you and your calves!

Comfort zone calf barn - Practical and healthy

We can help you decide how to keep your calves:

Calf rearing in the open air:

  • Calves igloo
  • Mobile calf box


Calf rearing in the barn:

  • Calves single pen
  • Feeding rack TopSafe Vario
  • Calf box door
  • Fully air-conditioned calf barn
  • Successful mother bonded calf rearing - guarantees calf safety

Calves igloo

  • Size: single and group calf igloos
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy locking back of the calves in the igloo
  • With suction and ring bin holder, hay rack
  • Wooden sleepers for bedding

Mobile calf box

Mobile or fixed - health and growth assured


  • Castors with brake
  • Non-slip GFH grates with sanded surface
  • Plastic divider package - for easy cleaning
  • Suction ring bucket holder
  • Hay rack, ideal for organic livestock

Calves single pen

  • For stress-free and individual feeding in group housing
  • Single feeding place with locking system
  • Closed protection with separator on the side



  • Suction bucket and ring bucket holder

Feeding rack TopSafe Vario

  • especially quiet
  • Safe when opening and closing
  • Size for calves of 1 inch
  • Size for young cattle of 5/4 inches

Calf box door

  • Infinitely adjustable widths with built-in bucket holder
  • Safe closure for perfect function
  • U-rails in different lengths

Fully air-conditioned calf barn

  • Air supply over a conventional porous ceiling
  • Underfloor extraction
  • Hot water heating with twin pipes
  • High air rates
  • Control according to temperature, relative humidity and CO2 content

Interesting information about the calf barn

Modern, efficient cattle husbandry provides for the valuable offspring, the calves, their own stable and living area, which optimizes their health and well-being. A calf barn ensures an optimal, draft-free stable climate in both summer and winter. Air conditioning and hose ventilation are ideal product solutions.

The calves are well supported in a wide range of calf igloos, single calf pens, top safe feeding grids or lying pens.

For a successful start in life calves are best kept free of draft with calf igloos in the open air or in single or group boxes. In the next stages of growth of the young calves, the animals are stabled on straw or in lying-down areas with 1-inch Top Safe safety feeders or single calf cages for group feeding.

The professional calf barn does not leave ventilation to chance. Long-established ventilation and air supply via porous ceilings, as well as new solutions using hose ventilation with or without air preheating, offer the calves the best starting conditions for a healthy and economically productive life.

Hose ventilation

Hose Ventilation - more than just air

Cattle loose housing

Our long experience focuses entirely on the well-being of dairy cows, calves and bulls.

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