Slurry technology

The wide range of manure technology includes systems for problem-free continuous use in your cattle business! Our partners FLYGT and STALLKAMP stand for quality, service and modern solutions

Reliable and environmentally friendly

For pumps, agitators and slurry - separators

Company FLYGT - complete system from the world's leading manufacturer

Premium quality - continuous use - above-average service life - service friendliness

  • F-pump with cutting wheels for long-fiber components
  • N-pump with self-cleaning impeller
  • Submersible mixer generates an efficient flow and dissolves floating ceilings.
  • Meander mixer brings movement into your slurry storage 

Company STALLKAMP - Our smart partner for hard work

proven technology - attractive price - robust - long-lived

  • Submersible centrifugal pump standard motor technology, up to 6 meters immersion depth
  • Submersible pump reliable, safe and at the same time environmentally friendly
  • Submersible mixer with a power of 7.5 to 22 kW
  • Meander mixer automatic homogenization of manure in the final channel

We are happy to help you find modern and environmentally friendly manure technology. Would manure separators be an issue for you? If so Schauer are looking forward to your contact!



Even more information on the subject of slurry technology from Schauer

Flygt manure technology

The premium quality of the Flygt slurrypump design ensures a long service life even with continuous use

  • Clamp housing fully sealed inside and out
  • Robust roll bearings
  • Engine cooling system integrated in a stainless steel jacket, therefore suitable for dry running
  • Motor with insulation class H (resistant to high temperatures), with thermal monitoring
  • High quality mechanical seal between impeller and motor housing
  • Open impeller design, thus constipation-proof even with thick slurry
  • Built-in LFS sensor for leak detection

Stallkamp slurry technology

Stallkamp submersible pumps are the result of experience and consistent development. They run reliably and safely, are powerful, effective and at the same time environmentally friendly.

  • Top performance in the toughest conditions (eg manure or tough / aggressive media)
  • Spiral shearing edge and large-volume housing prevent clogging
  • The standard thermal monitoring prevents damage due to overheating
  • Space-saving design
  • With chassis - on request


ENRO manure robots

The ENRO's route planning is where the real cost savings are!

Cattle loose housing

Our long experience focuses entirely on the well-being of dairy cows, calves and bulls.

Cattle feeding

With our cattle feeding systems you optimize the service!