Slurry technology

Pumping, stirring, separating - liquid manure must be kept moving! We move our suppliers to top offers for your pumps and agitators!

The best on the market

For pumps and agitators and slurry - separators

FLYGT - A complete system from the world's leading manufacturer

Premium quality - continuous use - reliable - service friendly

  • F-pump with cutting wheels for long-fiber components
  • N pump with self-cleaning impeller
  • Submersible mixer generates efficient flow and dissolves floating ceilings.


STALLKAMP - Our smart partner for tough jobs

proven technology - attractive price - robust - long-lived

  • Submersible centrifugal pump standard motor technology, up to 6 meters immersion depth
  • Submersible pump reliable, safe and at the same time environmentally friendly
  • Submersible mixer with a power of 7.5 to 22 kW

We are happy to help you to find  modern and environmentally friendly manure technology. If manure separators are of interest for you - We are looking forward to your contact.

Pig stable

More successful with professional and animal friendly pig farming

Nature Line

Because the welfare of animals is important for us!