Milking and concentrated feed

Sheep and goats are optimally cared for in the milking parlor. The concentrate feed takes place automatically. With the adjustable doser even small quantities can be submitted. Less food and stress! This gives you peace of mind when milking and much easier work.

Our technology helps you to save time

Stress-free and efficient milking is important to us! Our top current products

Side-by-side milking parlor for sheep and goats

  • no more counting of the animals needed
  • clever "neighbour" mechanism: one eating animal opens the feeding area to the next
  • secure fixing by safety grille
  • calm milking
  • Trough made of stainless steel
  • Modular construction


Concentrate feed in the milking parlor

  • Proven technology with Dryfeed dry feeding
  • Dosage of small quantities of fodder possible
  • Dry, floury or pelleted feed
  • no food jealousy and stress
  • All animals receive food at the same time
  • Stainless steel drive and strong materials for long-term use


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