High pressure misting

Due to the high pressure nebulization, a powerful cooling effect occurs. The fine water mist lowers the air temperature.

Well-deserved cooling for your cattle

Heat stress can occur at 23 ° C. The high-pressure atomization helps to cool down the cattle and reduces performance losses.

Strong cooling. In high pressure nebulization, water is very finely atomized. These drops evaporate and cool the air. A cooling of up to 10 Kelvin is possible with this system.

Technique: The water is cleaned and filtered! A powerful pump reaches the high pressure of 70 bar. A humidity sensor prevents over-wetting in the compartment.

Humidity crucial. Their cows prefer dry heat rather than sultry heat. High humidity has a negative effect on livestock.

We would be pleased to advise you on the advantages of high-pressure misting! Your specialist advisor has all the information.


More information

In high pressure nebulization, water is very finely atomised. These drops evaporate with the help of heat in the air. Cold is released. As a rule, this high-pressure nebulization is combined directly with the fans, so that the moisture can be removed again. A cooling of up to 10K is possible with this system. In addition to the good cooling performance, this humidification also makes high demands on the technology. It is a powerful pump in use to reach the high pressure of 70 bar. The water is cleaned and filtered to prevent the nozzles from clogging. Regulation of the system for both relative humidity and temperature are prerequisites for success.

An evaporative cooling is only useful for the cows in dry heat. Humidification systems should therefore only be switched on when the humidity in the house is below 70%. The cows feel the heat more in higher humidity. So for example: at an air temperature of 24 °C and a humidity of 50% for lactating cows no problem. With the same air temperature and a significantly higher humidity of 80%, however, the cows are clearly stressed. It must also be ensured that the lying surfaces do not get wet. The udders must not be wet by the nebulization, otherwise they become an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Likewise, the feed must not be wetted, as it can spoil quickly due to the hot summer temperatures.

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