Slurry technology and dung removal systems

We are responsible for the cleanliness of your cattle shed! We all have ideas on how to reconcile and save time. Environment, emissions and manure technology are the topics of the future that we tackle with you today!

Manure and Slurry Removal - Develop, Plan, Build, Research!

Solid manure, liquid manure and to clear the manure from the stable, that was the past!Today we are intensively researching the requirements of the future: Protecting the environment - Reducing emissions - Animal health - Relieving resources AND a clean stable!

Schauer offers a very wide range of hydraulic and mechanical manure removal systems for all applications as well as a high quality product range of slurry technology plants for pumping and stirring from the leading manufacturers Flygt and Stallkamp.

Our consultants are happy to offer tried and tested solutions!

  • Meandering systems
  • Pumping systems, stirring systems and slurry washing systems
  • Slurry separators for trouble-free continuous use

    Video: ENRO manure robots

    Cattle loose housing

    Our long experience focuses entirely on the well-being of dairy cows, calves and bulls.

    Cattle feeding

    With our cattle feeding systems you optimize the service!