Pig breeding barn

The hog breeding stall is the heart of a pig production plant. With the right choice of system, capable planning and functional stall equipment, not only can productivity be increased but labor time can also be saved. We are happy to advise you!

The best equipment for your pig breeding business

No matter whether your business is innovative, animal welfare focused or organic, we will find the perfect concept for you:

  • Waiting stable with group housing
  • Farrowing in movement bays  Schauer has a sophisticated range of movement bays:
  1. The CombiBox combines safety and freedom of movement.
  2. We are particularly proud of the BeFree farrowing pen with its animal friendly layout.
  3. For organic husbandry we recommend the WelCon Bio - Bay.
  • Piglet rearing and piglet fattening

How we create your new stable:

The livestock facilities, upright systems and partitions are made of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and other high-quality materials. Especially for organic products, the dividing walls can also be supplied in wood. We use modern production technologies and produce almost exclusively in Prambachkirchen, Upper Austria. Robustness and strength are guaranteed. In-house production ensures a safe supply of spare parts over decades to long guarantee an exceptionally service life of the livestock facilities.


Because the welfare of animals is important for us!

Nature Line

Because the welfare of animals is important for us!