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Sow feeding - MamaDOS

MamaDos – the new high-performance dryfeed system for „Mamas“ in farrowing, which is centrally controlled by the Topo feeding computer

Modern pig feeding - Cool things for your pigs and piglets!

Emission reduction, animal welfare and economy are no contradiction - inform now.

Compident Simultan electronic sow feeding system for sow groups!

Maximal simple and flexible to use for feeding and housing of pregnant sows - INFORM NOW.

SchauerConnect Feeding and Management Software!

How digitisation in animal production helps to make the right decisions and to have all data and facts at hand at all times.

Reduction of emissions with Spotmix!

Report on the savings of nutrient excretions with our Spotmix multiphase residue-free feeding in combination with strongly N/P reduced feeding.

MAMADOS customer video!

Interesting customer video from denmark about some experiences with our MAMADOS sow feeding.


SCHAUER Agrotronic company information regarding COVID-19 (prevention and safety measures).

Agricultural trade shows: what's new?

An overview of the new product developments to be seen at the upcoming trade shows.

70 years anniversary

A successful party. Many thanks to all visitors


thanks to Strohmatic Air - automatic bedding system with de-dusting

Gold for Farm Management

For Farm Management 4.0. Schauer has been awarded gold in Tull.

Spotmix 3 - Speed

Eurotier 2018: The Spotmix multiphase feeding system, which has been the leading technology for over 20 years now, has been technically redesigned and…

Babyfeed suckling pig feeder fermentation system

Eurotier 2018: Additional feeding of the suckling pigs with Babyfeed has wholly proven itself in high-performance pig breeding operations. The…

Strohmatic Air – automatic straw distribution system for poultry houses

Eurotier 2018: Strohmatic Air is a further development of the popular Strohmatic straw distribution system, with pneumatic distribution of the…

Schauer Farmmanagement 4.0

Eurotier: With Schauer FarmManagement 4.0, the innovative puzzle pieces of the Schauer FarmManager (online animal management) are consolidated by the…

Compident 8 Simultan electronic feeding

Eurotier 2018: The advantages of rationed feed with pregnant sows are well-known to all pig farming operations. The newly revised Compident Simlutan…