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Strohmatic Light 80 straw bedding system (Fam. Holzinger, Austria)

Interesting product presentation at the Holzinger farm in austria - VIEW VIDEO NOW!

ENRO plus manure removal robot!

Interesting company report from the Seidl family in Raab, Austria - INFORM NOW!

Goat feeding with the Feedo feeding belt!

Interesting product presentation at the Walchshofer family in Lichtenberg, Austria - INFORM NOW!

Modern sow breeding stable!

Interesting company report at the family Kofoed in Bornholm, Denmark - INFORM NOW!

University of Helsinki and Firma Atria about BeFree farrowing

BeFree showed best results in grow and development of piglets as lowest crushing rate of piglets with free farrowing, but could also meet or even…

Schauer and CJ Feed & Care united for future-fit pig farming in Korea

More and more pig farmers in Korea are about to apply Schauer feeding systems, such as Spotmix or Liquimix and welfare-friendly farm solutions. Our…

Report Rybarova Agrofarma

The fattening bull house in western Slovakia for 1000 places with technology from Schauer Agrotronic.

Product video BeFree 3.0 FT 30 farrowing pen

Interesting product video of our new BeFree 3.0 FT 30 farrowing pen!

The future-oriented solution for more space and success in farrowing.

CEFUSA Farm, Spain



A modern, large scale pig production, animal-friendly and efficient, with Spotmix Multi-Phase feeding and Compident ESF technology


Fish Farm Kirchmayer, Austria



Aquaculture with Spotmix fish feeding and management system. Fully automated feeding to save time and feed costs.


PPK Karlovac, Croatia



A successful modern cattle barn with Strohmatic littering system for improved animal health and labor efficiency


Förthmann Pig Production, Germany



The Förthmann family farm in Bahrenborstel utilises modern Spotmix Multiphase Feeding technology to fine-tune performance and feed…

Terpstra Farm, Canada



Better sow management with Compident ESF from Schauer supported by AP for healthy pigs


With video


Korean Award

Spotmix Multiphase feeder and Liquimix Operation Scan impressed the jury

Modern pig feeding - Cool things for your pigs and piglets!

Emissions reduction, high animal welfare

and profitability are not a contradiction - find out more

Compident Simultan electronic sow feeding system for sow groups!

Maximum simplicity and flexibility for

feeding and housing of pregnant sows - Find out more