The Bauer family farm in Peuerbach (Austria)

Animal welfare barn for pig fattening for particularly animal-friendly, innovative and economical pig farming!

A classic pig finishing house with fully slatted floor converted to AMA-GS/TW100 certified animal welfare barn.

The traditional pig farm has 70 breeding sows and 320 fattening places. Petra and Christian Bauer manage the pig farm together. Christian is also employed as a feed consultant for the company Solan. In December 2020, Petra and Christian had to make a decision on how to proceed with the fattening house and decided without further ado to convert it, as one of five pilot farms, to the newly launching animal welfare assurance scheme AMA TW100. The first finished pigs have found a prominent buyer in trading partner Handl Tyrol.

AMA GS/TW100 - 100 percent more animal welfare and climate-friendly.

Building on the AMA Basic Programme, which is widely accepted by trade and consumers in Austria as an important mark of origin for Austrian quality, the AMA TW60 module which offers 60% more space for the pigs was introduced last year. The latest module, AMA-GS/TW100 ‘klimafit', offers 100% more space for the pigs, plus separate functional areas with littered lying areas and an outdoor climate zone.

The pigs feel visibly comfortable in the littered exercise area. They dig in the straw and chew on the straws.

Simple conversion of the old fully slatted fattening house into the feeding and activity area for the pigs.

Animal welfare barn for pig fattening:

  • Fewer emissions in pig farming
  • Higher animal welfare standards
  • Economically profitable and labour-efficient systems
  • Premium in husbandry and premium in marketing
  • Particularly animal-friendly, innovative and economical
  • A successful concept that has been tried and tested for years

If you have any questions or are interested in our NatureLine animal welfare barn for efficient and animal-friendly pig farming, just contact us.