Cattle feeding

With our cattle feeding systems you optimize your performance while reducing feed and labour costs. At the same time, you are improving the welfare of your animals and help protect the environment. We have a lot of experience in automatic TMR robot feeding and feed distribution.

Cattle feeding - this is what innovative solutions look like:


Our innovative solutions are:

What we offer you:

  • Save costs using our tried-and-tested automated system with Schauer service
  • Higher performance achieved by animal friendly individual feeding
  • Lower methane and ammonia emissions by controlling the protein content of the feed
  • More time for your remaining tasks around the stable, animals and family
  • Save on feed and electricity by using our "energy champions"



Your animal and the robot - the new standard in cattle farming

The automation of

  • Feed distribution with FARO our feed pushing robot 


  • And Feeding robots (Transfeed DEC, Transfeed ROVER, SILMATIC CUT, Straw CUT)

have improved conditions for operators of cattle sheds.

The rapid growth of dairy farms can only be achieved by a progressive mechanization of routine work processes without sacrificing quality of life. In addition to milking technology the automation of feeding plays a central role here.

Schauer Agrotronic offers energy-saving solutions: The Transfeed DEC feeding robot requires only 2.2 kW of connected power for mixing, distribution and pushing. Optionally, the long fibre fodder components can be chopped small and prepared for feeding with the Silmatic Cut or StrohCut cutting device.

With automatic feeding systems from Schauer, the milk yield in cows can be increased by up to 10% through repeated, automatic, needs-based feed presentation. The growth performance of beef cattle also benefits. At the same time one to two hours of daily working time can be saved.

Video: Transfeed Dec


If you use the TMR robot you canption harmonise cost-effectiveness and quality of life in cattle farming!

ENRO manure robots

The ENRO's route planning is where the real cost savings are!