Feed Belt Feedo for cattle

better quality of life for little money.

FEEDO FEEDING BELT - the new and cost-effective “entry-level mechanization” of feeding for cattle farms from Schauer Agrotronic Time is money; leisure is gold. This applies to all dairy and cattle farms, large or small. It would be of great benefit to automating the feed presentation for the whole day. A feeding robot often does not pay off for smaller farms. With the Feedo feeding belt from Schauer, even smaller farms now have the opportunity to get their feed for the whole day with little effort. The narrow feeding table allows more space to be created for the animals when it is converted. The Feedo feed belt can be filled directly with an indoor crane or a stationary mixer, as well as with a loading wagon or mobile feed mixer. The feeding belt is available individually from 60 to 160 cm, tailored to your farm. Treat yourself to a better quality of life for little money.

Download Feedo Feed / Feeding Belt