Liquimix liquid feeding

Automatic liquid feeding is used worldwide to reduce feed costs. There are a number of systems available: working with mixed phase or multiphase feed, with or without residual amounts and depending on the size of the operation.

40 years of experience with automatic liquid feeding systems!

Many years of international experience and understanding the requirements of large- and small-scale pig farmers helps us to best meet your requirements. The continuous development and improvement of liquid feeding leads to numerous advantages over other feeding systems.

Advantages of liquid feed that will convince you:

  • All feed components available on the market can be used, regardless of whether they are dry or liquid. 
  • Possibility of multiphase feeding. Possible to feed each group or feeding place according to an individual formula. Stepless, daily blending of ready-made feed mixtures or mixtures of any desired formula of single components is also possible. 
  • Feed control room with auxiliary feed kitchens in individual halls. For larger animal stocks in different buildings. Important not only from a hygiene standpoint but also as regards profitability
  • Better digestibility of the liquid feed due to activation of feed enzymes (phytase, xylanase, glucanase) - leading to better feed utilisation.
  • Optimal computer-based feed management. All feed consumption data are updated on a daily basis, corrections can be made in the feeding strategy (feed curves) at any time.
  • Substantial saving of labour time due to daily automatic adaptation of the feed quantities (adjustment of automatic feeding machines and volume measure pourer unnecessary).
  • Improvement of profitability. Liquimix liquid feeding helps to fully utilise the biological performance potential and substantially reduces the feed costs by up to 10% due to better feed utilisation and reduction of feed losses than with dry feed.



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