Manure removal

Schauer manure removal - we have 60 years of experience with dung removal plants. Hygiene and cleanliness keep your animals healthy and efficient. Environmental protection and low emissions are our future focus!

A clean thing!

We offer excellent solutions before manure becomes a problem!

  • Scraping Mine (Underground Manure and Overhead Mine)
  • Various rust systems and slatted floors
  • NEW Pig Guard- the intelligent manure removal to protect your valuable sow population!


On treads and manure channels Schauer ensures a clean cause. The automatic and daily removal of manure from the canals reduces the methane emissions from the pigsty and thus contributes sustainably to preserving the environment thereby maintaining social acceptance for pig farming.



Pig stable

More successful with professional and animal friendly pig farming

Nature Line

Because the welfare of animals is important for us!