Bedding and littering system - Strohmatic

Cattle farming with straw is en vogue. Rightly so! Because they all scatter straw dust-free, quickly and safely with Schauer Strohmatic. Easier work, animal welfare guaranteed and significant savings at the same time

Strohmatic - appropriate and automatic

Straw farming follows the desire for greater animal friendliness in cattle farming. But what about the work economy and management?

  • Complete dedusting for clean and healthy air in the barn - only with us!
  • Our highlight: "Bale in and go!" fully automatic sprinkling
  • Straw mill shreds reliably
  • The straw bales are processed automatically
  • Automatic straw distribution throughout the cattle shed
  • Quality of litter is improved
  • Spreading amount is adjustable

With Strohmatic, straw costs can be reduced by up to 50%. The littering works fully automatically and thus significantly relieves the work in the stable.

More about the Strohmatic

The Strohmatic bedding system

A novel system for shredding and decentralized distribution of litter brings a further enormous labour savings, especially for larger companies. A hopper with a ball disintegration and crushing mechanism allows the straw bale to be loosened. The bedding material is automatically dedusted after crushing by a suction cyclone. Thanks to the conveyor chain system, the straw is conveyed to where it is needed fully automatically and dust-free.

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