Strohmatic Air ASD – automatic straw distribution for poultry, cattle and pig houses

Our customers are already enthusiastic about the semi-automatic straw straw bedding system: the bale loosener automatically breaks up round or square bales and the loose straw is quickly chopped up. Before being transported to the pneumatic "Air" distribution system, the chopped straw is automatically dedusted extremely effectively (80% dust reduction!). This also reduces dust emissions at the same time. Previously, the chopped straw was then distributed in the barn by hand through a flexible hose.

The new, automatic and rotating straw spreader Strohmatic Air ASD - Automatic Straw Distribution (patent pending) - is an intelligent and particularly economical new development in which the entire straw spreading process runs fully automatically. The maximum distribution radius is 8 m per distributor. The maximum conveying capacity up to 700 kg/hour. The Strohmatic Air ASD is controlled by a new, improved control unit that is accessible online and distributes the desired amounts of straw at defined times. This eliminates the manual distribution process. Duck, turkey or other straw stables (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats...) can be littered automatically with small quantities of dedusted and chopped straw on a daily basis (sometimes several times per day). Strohmatic Air ASD reduces the amount of straw required and produces less dust.

This clean and safe method is also an enormous help in the cattle sector, for deep-straw bedded stalls, as well as for pigs in large pens with straw bedding. Strohmatic Air ASD with automatic straw distribution significantly promotes animal welfare, reduces any hazards from entering the pens in the animal area and reduces the use of energy and workload to a minimum. Inquire now