Modern insect breeding with SCHAUER and VDL

Insects as animal feed - unique - minimal ecological footprint

Successful with system: Animal-friendly, functional and labor-efficient - INQUIRY NOW!


  • The demand for alternative protein sources is one of the great challenges of the future in livestock farming.
  • Using insects for protein production, this problem can be counteracted in the long term.
  • Innovative systems for black soldier fly (BSF) and mealworm production
  • Integrated systems - from kitchen to handling and air conditioning
  • Fully automated systems
  • Sustainable production by using residues from industry and food trade
  • Individual project planning of the feeding system and component preparation
  • Tank with shredder pump for comminution of residues from industry and food trade
  • Flexible dry matter content and temperature control


Sustainable: To obtain 1 kg of protein the following resources are needed:

  • Insect: Water 2300 l Land: 18 m² CO2: 14 kg CO2 Equivalents
  • Chicken: Water 34 000 l Land 52 m² CO2: 36 kg CO2 Equivalents


  • Amount of protein in the basic product:
  • 72% in insect meal
  • 64% in chicken meal


A high-quality source of palatable animal protein. Utilized residual streams. 
Dog - Chicken - Pig - Fish 

Insect breeding - what species are suitable

  • The black soldier fly (Hermetica illucens) Black Soldier Fly
  • The small mealworm or buffalo worm (Alphitobius diaperinus)
  • The mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)


  • Optimal feed utilization: Residual streams are by-products from the food industry that are approved as feed. These residual streams provide the proteins for the BSF. The black soldier fly can convert 9ß% of the proteins in its feed to biomass.
  • No diseases: Due to the short life span - the fattening period is one week - and the top hygienic conditions, no diseases occur. Medication is never necessary.
  • Low space requirement: Up to one ton of insect protein is produced per year on one square meter.
  • Speed: With its short fattening period, the Black Sodier Fly is a record holder in efficiency. Week after week, it produces new protein for sustainable feed production.


  • Protein
  • Fertilizer
  • Oil
  • Dried larvae