Prefabricated barn construction

Prefabricated cattle barns are increasingly popular. Together with regional cooperation partners we realize your finished stable. The livestock facility and mechanization of feeding, manure removal and littering can be highly customized to your individual requirements.

There are good reasons for choosing a prefabricated cattle barn


  • Growing business structures need new solutions!
  • Saves time and effort organising and managing the building project 
  • Schauer coordinates all interfaces with competent consultants
  • Cooperation with regional partners
  • Experience in barn construction
  • Ready-made according to individual customer requirements
  • Automated feeding, manure removal and straw bedding systems
  • Modern, animal-friendly and low-emission barn concept
  • Installation with your own contribution or complete turn-key assembly

Duo module finishing stall in practice

The new "Duo Modul System cattle barn" is our prefabricated cattle barn concept. The use of precast concrete elements in agricultural buildings is becoming increasingly popular. A reliable partner, who takes over the project from the planning to the construction, is indispensable here.


Growing farm structures are leading the trend towards prefabricated barns in cattle-shed construction. The farmer usually no longer has the time to take care of everything related to the construction of the new barn. Schauer gladly takes on this task with your competent specialist consultants. Together with regional partners, we realize your prefabricated stable according to your requirements. You decide whether you want to be involved in assembly or prefer to take over the cattle barn completely assembled and ready for use.

The stable equipment and dung removal system are furnished with high-quality and tried-and-tested components. Despite the prefab barn system, it is still possible to flexibly respond to the customer's wishes in terms of equipment.

In Austria and Bavaria: WOLFSYSTEM with Duo Modular System cattle

In the region of Germany: Graakjaer


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