Click sheep lambing bay

The Click Sheep lambing bay by Schauer is ideal for ewes with their new born lambs. The right design protects lambs from dangerous drafts and strengthens the mother-child bond. The robust birth bay can be flexibly set up, thus making daily work easier.

Optimal starting conditions

For healthy lamb growth:

Click Sheep lambing bay

  • Animal Friendly: protects lambs from drafts, improves mother-child attachment
  • Flexible: Individual design, expand as desired
  • Reliable: Extensive accessories of the highest quality
  • Pleasant work: easy cleaning, transport and storage


Individually put together: With individually tailored plastic profiles and 1 inch pipes, the bays can be put together according to the area required. Modular design - the boxes can be set up individually or in series.

Enough space for mother and lamb: The proven, screw-on click system from Schauer makes it possible to create any desired form of partitions. With watering trough, hay rack and feeding trough a solution for a high quality of life!

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