Cattle loose housing system

We plan and build open barns for dairy cattle, beef cattle and calves. An open barn gives your cows the ability to follow their natural rythm. Loose housing systems are important for health and well-being and lead to stress reduction among the herd.

Barn solutions

Open barns are important for cow health and well-being of the animals. They have the ability to follow their natural rhythm. The cattle decide where to go, when to eat, sleep and relax. The farmer benefits from higher flexibility concerning his daily work and increased productivity.


Self - locking feed fence

Incomparably quiet - protects and keeps what it promises 

TopSafe Vario  -  safety feeding rack      
For veal, young and suckler cows, dairy cattle and cattle

Models of 1, 5/4 and 6/4 inches


Lying pen frame 

Maximum freedom of movement when lying down and getting up
  • Comfort Plus cubicles for veal, young cattle, dairy cattle and suckler cow 

  • Cubicle partitions with / without racks unsupported cubicles 

  • Calf slipway to the feeding fence

  • Cuccette cubicle frame

Bedding materials

  • Our strong partners are "Schwarz" concrete cattle slats and "Kraiburg" rubber mats
  • Let your animals feel comfortable and improve their health and welfare by choosing the right bedding




Video: Transfeed

Video: Strohmatic

Transfeed DEC

TMR feeding robot