SMARTCONTROL – Smart farming in real time with NFC technology

SmartControl is the smart app that connects you to your feeding system! Operate and control the systems directly via smartphone and tablet.

One app, everything under control!

SmartControl Functionality

Compident Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) for manual control of all station functions (for example training the sows) and for reading the sow and operating data at the station.

  • The functions of the feeding station can be manually operated. (Trough, food, water, ...)
  • The operating mode can be selected. (Teaching)
  • The procedures in the barn can be checked


MamaDos sow feeding for manual control, calibration of the dosing device as well as for checking the feed data and changing the amount of feed at each feeding point.

  • Manual control of feed
  • Calibration function
  • Display of the already metered quantity and the available stock


Liquid feeding:

  • SmartControl starts PigManager Smart and immediately displays data of the correct box
  • Connection to the Topo
  • Quick selection of the desired box for data collection
  • Liquimix Liquid Feeding - for mobile feed management by remote access to the central Topo feeding computer via smartphone or tablet


 Enro - Manure removal robot for manual control, starting and stopping of courses and daily routines as well as status inquiry of the robot.

  • The robot can be operated manually
  • Courses can be started, paused, continued or stopped
  • Daily routines can be viewed and adjusted
  • The status data of the robot can be queried


With PigManager Smart, we have created an additional app that makes your job a lot easier. WIFI in the stable allows real time data analysis, at the NFC point you are logged in immediately!


Liquimix: modern and efficient

Pig stable

More successful with professional and animal friendly pig farming


Because the welfare of animals is important for us!