Whether to scatter straw or not straw is a matter of attitude. HOW to scatter straw is OUR area of expertise! Schauer combines animal friendliness with technology and efficiency. And lots of experience with bedding systems!

More than just straw ...

Modern barn concepts such as the NatureLine animal welfare barn or Pig Port stables in pig fattening reduce the use of straw to a minimum. Already 15 years ago, Schauer developed automatic systems such as the Strohmatic bedding system or Spotmix Welfare for the automatic disintegration, crushing, dedusting and distribution of chopped straw in the entire barn. Those reduce the required labor input as well as straw consumption by up to 50%, making straw pig farming attractive again!

Straw & Co

Straw farming follows the desire for more animal welfare in pig farming. Which systems are there? But what about the work economy and management?

SCHAUER Strohmatic - perfect for:

  • Fully automatic sprinkling throughout the pig house
  • Dust-free stable climate through dedusting - only with us!
  • High quality of bedding produced by straw mill
  • Working time savings of two hours per day


Strohmatic light 80 - perfect for:

  • Less mycotoxins for a better barn climate
  • For distribution of activity material for enrichement or as litter for the lying area
  • Automatic dedusting of the straw for an improved animal health - Patent pending
  • Mimium of work effort and maximum of time saving


Strohmatic Air Specialist for:

  • Strong distribution force through air blower
  • Quick sprinkling of the entire barn
  • Combine stable control and littering
  • Easy operation - semi-automatic


Spotmix Welfare - Added benefits guaranteed:

  • System extension for Spotmix multiphase feeding
  • Fully automatic distribution of shredded straw
  • Bedding in small quantities
  • As manipulable material