Babyfeed piglet feeding

Babyfeed suckling pig feeding system for milk replacer and pre-starter feeding in the farrowing pen.

Additional feeding for piglets is not optional but a must!

In recent years, great progress has been made in the genetic performance potential of piglet production. Litter sizes of 14 to 18 live-born piglets are achieved at well-managed pig farms. The sows reach the limits of their lactation performance and lose too much weight in the farrowing pen.

Early feeding of the suckling piglets in the farrowing pen provides relief and at the same time represents the solution to achieve both:

  • Higher weaning weights of the piglets
  • Reduced the weight loss of the sows

Our solution:

  • Baby Feed can be used immediately
  • Baby Feed works with milk and PreMix
  • Baby Feed is a good learning aid for further feeding at the trough
  • Baby Feed strengthens the stronger piglets whilst the weaker ones get more milk from the mother
  • NEW Baby Feed trough cleans itself - automatic trough cleaning system

Video: Babyfeed


Because the welfare of animals is important for us!


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