Pig feeding systems

Modern feeding management optimizes your poductivity. Increase your revenue with less effort. We help you to find your perfect system!

Innovative, animal-friendly & organic - feeding according to your needs! We have the system for you!

Our dry feeding systems:
  • Dryfeed
    Reliable and easy to service
    For small and large production units

  • MamaDos
     To strengthen "mama" sow  - most important for a great milk supply

Our liquid feeding systems:
  • Liquimix
    Cost efficient and functional
     For the fast transport of freshly prepared liquid feed

Our electronic sow feeding system ESF:
Our feeding software and hardware

Common features for all our feeding systems

Use your own recipes and blends: Multiphase ability
Be confident that the system works economically: Continuous distribution of the feed
Your animals are optimally cared for: Demand-oriented feeding
No more worries about hygiene when feeding: Hygiene package included
Save your time and energy: Topo feeding software


Liquid feeding

Liquimix: modern and efficient


for individual feeding of sows

MamaDOS sow feeding

MamaDos is the answer to increase the feed intake