Beef cattle barn

Whether open barns with fully slotted floors or sloping floor sheds: Our systems for cattle fattening stand for quality and function. The automation of feeding and straw bedding makes your job easier and success is guaranteed.

Success with a system!

We plan your cattle barn individually according to your personal ideas​​

  • Open barns with fully slotted floors
    Widespread in beef bull farming - guarantees orderly processes, savings in labour time and high yields.
  • Sloped floor system with deep litter
    A sloped floor covered with a thick layer of litter provides a high degree of comfort for your cattle. Use with automated littering technology like Strohmatic to save labour time and effort.  


We are happy to advise you about our selection of stable feeding gratings and cubicle frames, including our safety self-catching lattice.


Automatic feeding systems offer significant work savings and higher performance:


For particularly animal-friendly cattle barns with straw:


The manure removal system and the climate in the barn are crucial for the health of your cows

Efficient cattle fattening requires efficient production systems

The quality and functionality of each component is like a piece of a puzzle that contributes to the whole picture. Some highlights of the Schauer Cattle Stable Equipment are shown in the overview.

  1. Perfect Farming Systems need to be planned perfectly. Outstanding planning expertise and project planning give Schauer an advantage. Extensive detailed planning for the concrete design and installation guarantee successful implementation of your cattle barn project.
  2. Floor coverings like cattle slats manufactured by Schwarz and rubber mats with the highest animal comfort from Kraiburg as well as a comprehensive range of accessories including drinking basins and cow brushes complete the equipment of your Schauer cattle fattening barn.
  3. You can also rely on our experience and quality awareness in manure removal and slurry technology. Especially the folding scraper has proven itself in use in sloping floor sheds.
  4. Exclusive, straw- and labour-saving, the automatic straw distribution system Strohmatic for sloping floor sheds and for littering cubicle sheds.