Transfeed ROVER feeding robot

The Transfeed Rover is a self-propelled feeding robot based on a vertical mixer for up to 300 animals and can also mix due to power supply through rails during dispensing. This saves time and energy. A tight turning radius allows flexible use in old buildings!

Excellent feature: suitable for all cattle sheds!

Transfeed ROVER is a self-propelled feeding robot with the "2-Hegel Vertical Mixer" system. He copes well with larger cattle farms with up to 300 animals!

From small to large: Your Transfeed ROVER can grow with your business, it does not take up much space, but it does provide a lot of food!

  • Large mixing tank (3.4 m3 capacity)
  • Small turning radius of only 1.5 m
  • Particularly agile and space-saving

He likes to work alone: The sophisticated technology saves you a lot of working time!

  • Mixing and crushing of silage material
  • Integrated vertical mixer cutter - variable speed
  • Integrated cutter also suitable for silage bales

Better full of electricity than battery empty: So you are on the safe side!

  • High energy efficiency total only 7.7 kW connected load
  • Energy-saving in operation despite high cutting power
  • Busbar, no error-prone battery operation
  • Accompaniment Rail keeps the Transfeed Rover in the lane

    Video: Transfeed

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