Mr. Herbert Schauer sen. founded in 1949 the company Schauer. He developed ground-breaking products for successful animal husbandry. Schauer Agrotronic is now in the hands of the 3rd generation of the family and exports its quality products to 50 countries. Production has always taken place in Prambachkirchen.

Future is now!


Achieving climate goals with photovoltaics


Great success with animal welfare concepts and climate protection projects investments in laser and tube cutting systems


Intensive research in the field of robotics and animal welfare 


2017 - 2018

Foundation Schauer Agrotronic China
Mrs. Mag. Elisabeth Vogl joins the family business
Further modernization of production

2010 - 2016

Perfect Farming Systems introduced as a new slogan
Worldwide major projects
Expansion of logistics and assembly

60 years Schauer Agrotronic
Mr. Mag. Herbert Schauer is strengthened in the management by Mr. Mag. Michael Thumfart

1989 - 2008
Schauer Agrotronic branch ofices opened in Croatia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Serbia Foundation Schauer Agrotronic Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia
50 years Schauer Agrotronic
Success of family business by families Schauer and Vogl
Over 300 employees
International trade fair appearances, Patents granted and won awards
Foundation Schauer Agrotronic Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia

Generation change in management by Mr. Mag-Herbert Schauer as well as by Mrs. Helga Vogl and Mr. Dipl.-Ing- Gerhard Vogl
World market leadership with Compident on-call feeding
International breakthrough with Spotmix multiphase feeding

1971 -1986
Own hardware and software department for the first time by Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Vogl
Collection of computer-controlled feeding systems
And automation wave in animal feeding
Slogan: "Always an idea ahead"

Milestone "Crap track" by Mr. Herbert Schauer sen .:
Breakthrough of the hydraulic manure removal plant and patent
Modern stables for cattle and pigsties
Revolutionary development step with automatic conveyor belts

1918 - 1966
In 1964 40 employees and 1700 m² production area
Repair and development of agricultural machinery
Company founded with Mrs. Maria 1949
Birth Mr. Herbert Schauer sen. 1918