Transfeed DEC feeding robot

Quality of life and profitability in modern cattle farming

Time is money and time is quality of life. Automation will help you with both. If the size of your business requires automated feeding, the Transfeed Dec concept is a win for you!

Reduce energy costs, gain time and save feed costs

Our automatic feeding systems have been tried and tested and make your everyday life easier. You will noticeably have more time! The Transfeed DEC drives quietly and steadily along the ceiling of your barn and distributes just the right amount of food.

  • Transfeed DEC feeding robot
    Multiple, automatic feed templates
    Demand-based amount, less loss of feed
    Increase milk yield up to 10% and considerable increase in beef cattle weights
    Energy-saving champion: only 2.2 kW for mixing and distribution
    Labur savings approx. 2 hours per day

Even more efficiency for your feeding

  • Silmatic SILAGE presentation system
    Distribution on the "Walking Floor" with a smooth, food-friendly surface
    Dissolution and dosage of grass and maize silage
    Round bale silage: "Walking Floor" and high conveyor with all-round saw bar
    Filling with loose feed or bales possible
    Cutting length of up to 10 cm fiber length, with Silmatic CUT up to 30 cm fiber length
    Optimal supplement for pre-storing and dosing
    Energy saving 4.1 kW and safe
    Feeding by silo bucket or block cutter from the silo
  • Silmatic CUT 
    For long-fibered silages (up to 30cm fiber length)
    Cutting device for roughage components
    Lowest energy consumption
  • Silmatic straw CUT
    Cutting device for straw and hay
    In combination with Strohmatic bale breaker
    Runs slowly and protects the structure of the food
    All components are automatically pre-stored and dispensed as needed

Video: Transfeed

ENRO manure robots

Easy to use and labour-saving, sparing valuable time.