Strohmatic Light - the strong partner for straw litter from Schauer Agrotronic

in the Holzinger family's animal welfare fattening house.

Straw bedding has regained importance in modern pig farming. Demand is boosted by animal welfare programmes and increasingly also by legal requirements, as for example in Germany. Straw is not only used as litter for the lying areas, distributing straw to the pigs on a daily basis also provides them with a malleable activity material for enrichment. This undoubtedly improves animal welfare, but in most cases it also increases the workload.

Anita and Herbert Holzinger from Upper Austria decided to fatten the piglets from their small 60 sow pig farm themselves and in 2020 built an animal welfare fattening house for 460 pigs with a littered lying area. The fattening pigs are marketed via the Upper Austrian marketing partner Gourmetfein. From the beginning the barn performed its function quite well, but resulted in an additional workload from the manual administration of bedding and noticeable dust pollution. A solution for both issues was sought and found at Schauer Agrotronic: the new Strohmatic Light.

Strohmatic Light, the innovation for mulched and short-cut straw

For more than 15 years Schauer - with the successful product Strohmatic - has been known as a market leader for automatic bedding systems. Until now, the tried and tested system has been used to break up, chop, dedust and distribute long or short-cut straw in a fully automated process. The new version, Strohmatic Light 80, allows mulched and short-cut straw with a fibre length of up to 8 cm to be conveyed directly - without having to be chopped - into the barn using a chain conveyor system with an 80 mm pipe diameter, while being dedusted by the proven dust removal system. This particular arrangement has been registered for a patent.

Once in the barn, the straw is temporarily stored in intermediate bins with a volume of 15 litres. Then, at the push of a button, it is simultaneously discharged into the pens by winch or by compressed air cylinder. Depending on the straw requirement, this process can be repeated several times a day. The control system can also be configured to predefine different strands at a different daily dosage, so that all pens or roughage feeders are supplied with the desired daily quantity of short straw fully automatically and according to demand.

The separated dust is stored in an intermediate container and is periodically - depending on degree of soiling and amount of straw - transported back to the scraper channel or a storage container by a screw conveyor. This happens at the push of a button or automatically and sensor controlled. The Strohmatic Light bale breaker can also be loaded easily by a front loader or a compact loader thanks to opening up completely from the level of the scraper floor.

The ability to use mulched or cut straw straight from the field saves on energy costs. Last but not least: Thanks to the simplified technology, Strohmatic Light also offers significant savings on investment costs. To Conclude: Higher animal welfare through straw bedding with a low workload and at reduced cost. On top of that investment subsidies are now available in many locations. Request a quote from us now.

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