Fresh straw and better air in the poultry house is no longer a contradiction! Schauer Strohmatic Air saves you a lot of time when sprinkling. The automatic dedusting keeps the stable climate clean and your poultry healthy.

Strohmatic Air - the perfect litter system for poultry houses

Schauer technology is also used for chickens, ducks and turkeys! Our multi-award winning bedding technology Strohmatic Air is the new way to provide straw efficiently to poultry in a  animal-friendly way.

Due to the automatic straw preparation and the good dust reduction system, this litter system is especially good for both humans and animals.

  • Hygienic: better animal health and animal comfort
  • Economical: low in energy and time needs
  • Less straw consumption and manure accumulation
  • Poultry house climate and quality of work: Strong dust reduction by suction
  • Distribution: easy and stress-free for humans and animals


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