Sow breeding stable

Family Kofoed in Bornholm, Denmark

Less emissions in pig farming and mor animal welfare - Innovative systems for excellent results.

Baby pigs like Baby elephants!

The very professional breeding farm Langemyregaard at the small island Bornholm in Denmark is producing piglets at highest productivity level. Peter B. Kofoed and his son Thorbjørn are managing the farm based on their excellent experience and integration of real data views of the sow farm. Therefore hey have decided to invest into highest technology level of feeding and housing technology from Schauer Agrotronic (AT), powered by Bopil (DK) and the just have introduced Topic Norsvin TN 70 genetic. This guarantees stronger and healthier piglets as he had before on a reasonable high number of quantities. At a farm visit we had a closer look inside beyond the very successful farm management.

Schauer advanced feeding and housing technology is the master tool for professional sow management!

Actually, there are 600 sows at the breeding farm. The new farrowing stable is already prepared for 800 sows in total. There is the plan to extend and renew the breeding and gestation are of 200 sows to 800 in total next year. Langemyregaard applied a 2 weeks management rhythm on the farm. The group size is 72 sows each. There are 3 farrowing rooms which was built in 2020 and equipped with the 220 BeFree farrowing boxes and fed by the new MamaDos sow feeding system. Sows are only for few days in the breeding are or insemination. Then the sows are moved to the gestation are where there are 6 Compident 8 ESF systems for 2 dynamic groups of sows – each with 250 sows.

Spotmix multiphase feeding system is providing the right feed (mixture) to the right place in the right time for the entire breeding farm. Strohmatic and Spotmix welfare is providing chopped and dedusted straw automatically for the animals.


SCHAUER Agrotronic sow breeding stable:

  • Less emissions in pig farming and more animal welfare
  • Economically viable and labor-efficient systems
  • Proven and successful concept for many years
  • Innovative systems for excellent results

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