Spotmix multiphase feeding!

Förthmann family in Niedersachsen, Germany

Pig production with controlling power at the highest level with Spotmix multiphase feeding!

Spotmix Multiphase Feeding - The results are impressive!

- Piglet losses at 1.3%, - Feed costs of €13 per piglet - €2 better than before. - Daily gains increased from 400 g to 470 g, without feed changes - Feed conversion ratio of 1:1.55 - A perfect feeding system that has exceeded all expectations

Spotmix multiphase feeding is the central tool for optimizing production costs.

The Förthmann family farm is one of those sow farms that want to continuously improve and are willing to overcome any resistance with expertise and persistence - but also with exemplary public relations work to involve local residents.

The basis for this is the extremely professional and successful piglet production. The Förthmann family knows how to utilise modern feeding technology to fine-tune performance and feed costs.

Spotmix multiphase feeding systems for automatic, innovative and particularly economical pig feeding!

Spotmix Multiphase Feeding:

  • Optimal feeding strategy for perfect sow management.
  • Innovative technology for automatic slurry feeding
  • Precise, hygienic and flexible in application
  • Individual and demand-oriented sow feeding
  • Saves feed costs and increases labor efficiency


If you have any questions or are interested in our Spotmix multiphase feeding system for efficient and automatic pig feeding, please contact us.