Albesa Ramader - New model of pig production

The pig industry is undergoing a major process of change.

Many should be considered and adapted into pig production.

External factors:

Ban of antibiotics and growth promoters.

  • Increased environmental regulations.
  • Increased cost of land.
  • Increased feed costs.

Problems regarding the disposal of manure.
-Various animal protection laws.

Internal factors:

Skills shortage.
Generation change (not attractive for young people).
Development / implementation of new technologies and devices

  • Need to reduce costs.
  • Increased hygiene measures.

Reduction of energy consumption

The OPP group has created a new trend-setting concept for future pig production. "The Pplus system“, in order to meet these demands.

Over 3300 Batallé sows are housed in groups via Compident Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) from Schauer Agrotronic.