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Grupo Fuertes / ElPozo Alimentación, a food company in Spain, invested heavily in its own CEFUSA pig production. Schauer feeding technology is the key to modern, animal-friendly and efficient pig farming. CONTACT SCHAUER AGROTRONIC

ElPozo is owned by the family Fuertes and is over 50 years old. The company mainly sells meat products and is one of the largest and most popular food production companies in Spain, with 8 out of 10 Spaniards buying its products and a turnover of €1,278 million in 2018.


Like ElPozo, CEFUSA belongs to the Grupo Fuertes. Animal breeding and meat production is the core business. The pig production, spread over several locations, comprises a total of 100,000 sows of white and Iberian breeds. In addition the company also produces cattle.


Between 2018 and 2020 CEFUSA built 6 new breeding farms of 3,300 farrowing places each, with 10,000 piglets kept on 12 weaner farms. This resulted in an impressive total number of 20,000 farrowing boxes and 120,000 piglet places. The farms are located in the southern part of Spain near Granada.

Schauer has been involved in this project since November 2018 and is pleased to have supplied the feeding systems as a key technology for the new farms. Schauer has already delivered 13 Spotmix multiphase feeding systems and 222 CompIdent 8 ESF (electronic sow feeding) systems, all installed and implemented together with our Spanish sales and service partner Infoporc.

The Spotmix multi-phase feeding system allows the correct feed mixture to be provided, fully automatically and with optimal moisture, to each sow in the farrowing house and to the weaner stable. This increases feed consumption, milk yield and consequently the health and growth of the piglets. CEFUSA is convinced of these advantages after having tried the technology on a test farm with good results. The Compident ESF electronic sow feeding system has already proven itself reliable in use in Spain for decades. This feeding technology has been used to individually feed the pregnant sows in the waiting area.

A major advantage of the feeding technology used is the availability of all feed consumption data in real time. The feeding computer not only calculates the feed rations, but also records all feed consumption. These data are available to the central management at any time. Decisions can be made more quickly based on these facts and thus the correct feeding strategy can be continuously improved and implemented. In this way, not only the biological performance in piglet production, but also the company’s economic success can be continuously optimized.

A strong team comprised of Infoporc and Schauer is always in close contact with the CEFUSA management in order to successfully develop their pig production. We're already talking about new projects. We wish CEFUSA continued success.


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The Spotmix multi-phase feeding also supplies the piglets in the weaner stables based on feeding curves. The slightly moistened feed is eagerly consumed, so the piglets are healthier and grow stronger.
Compident ESF electronic sow feeding system supplies the sows with a rationed feed mixture for each individual animal. This prevents sows getting too fat, enables easier births and also saves feed costs.
Spotmix multi-phase feeding is the heart of modern feeding technology at CEFUSA. Animal-specific and needs-based feed mixtures improve feed intake and performance.