Report Rybarova Agrofarma - a fattening bull house for 1000 places with technology from Schauer Agrotronic.

In 2019, the cattle farm Rybarova Agrofarma GmbH in western Slovakia built a large fattening bull barn for 1000 places with barn equipment and technology from Schauer Agrotronic. Even before that, fattening bulls had a tradition. The 1,500 animals were scattered in the old and worn halls, which needed renovation. That was very labour-intensive, and the partially poor husbandry conditions put pressure on the performance level. With the new construction of the 1000 bull fattening barn according to modern standards in animal husbandry and good technical equipment, the logistics of the animals, feed transport, and liquid manure management were simplified by shorter and central routes and axes. Since then, this has saved an enormous amount of working time, improved animal health and thus the performance of the animals in a short time; it is also easier to connect the liquid manure channels to the biogas plant with an output of 2 x 0.5 MWh. The Rybarova Agrofarma GmbH with the owner and managing director Frantisek Rybar cultivates a total of 2072 hectares of arable land. The farm currently has a capacity of 2,250 bull fattening places. The next expansion step for 1000 bull fattening places is already being planned. In addition, 420 dairy cows and their offspring are kept and thus produce an annual milk volume of approx. 3,500 tons. The new bull fattening barn is a stately building measuring 96 m long and 40 m wide. The entire fattening barn is designed with concrete columns and has a basement. The manure system is equipped with alluvial channels and manure flushing. The entire construction was carried out by the construction company Stavebna spolocnost RAVING AG and the construction management by Martin Petras. Schauer Agrotronic was significantly involved in the planning and delivering of the barn equipment. The delivery included the concrete columns from the CZ company HB Beton GmbH, telescopic dividing grids, drinking bowls, stables, and assembly. The roller doors were supplied by Haze GmbH, the liquid manure technology such as liquid manure pumps and mixers, and the connection to the existing biogas plant by Stallkamp. The entire construction was completed quickly after the start of construction in July 2019 so that the first animals could already be housed in January 2020. The total construction costs for the bull fattening barn amount to an investment of 1,500,000 euros, of which approx. 2/3 are for the construction and 1/3 for the technology.