Pig farm Zeller

The pig farm Zeller in Rohr in Lower Bavaria has relied on Spotmix multi-phase feeding since 2011.

The Zeller family manages an arable and conventional pig farm with now 3000 fattening pigs. Since 2011 there have been major fluctuations in the pig market. When the Zeller family set up a 1500 finisher barn with the company Weihmüller in 2011, the decision was made to opt for the Schauer multi-phase Spotmix feeding system. When the same barn was rebuilt in 2018, the spot mix feeding system for the pigs was re-installed.

Although the piggeries were relocated to an area about 800 meters from the village, the Zeller family had to struggle with difficulties obtaining the planning permissions and had to install an air washer in order to get planning consent for the construction of the new stable. The slurry pit is also covered to keep emissions as low as possible. Apart from these aspects everything corresponds to a conventional fattening stable built to a high standard. The pigs are fed conventionally, as befits a Bavarian farm with on farm produced grain and corn, which is stored in a whole grain silos and freshly ground daily to be fed to the pigs. Only soy and supplements are bought.

Both father Josef, his wife Helene Zeller and son Josef junior work on the pig farm. They understand their craft and know what matters. After all, the feed costs in pig production account for almost 70% of the total costs. Josef Zeller junior emphasizes: "In difficult economic times with low meat prices you have to fine tune the processes to control costs and optimize the performance. The Spotmix multiphase feeding helps us to do this. With this feeding system, it is possible to adapt the feed strategy quickly and flexibly. The result and the success can be seen already after a single fattening cycle“.

Yes, and the results are impressive. On the basis of the evaluations from 2018, the fattening farm achieved an average daily increase of 822 g at 60% meat-fat-ratio. Feed conversion was 1: 2.79, which resulted in a low average feed cost per fattening pig of € 59.50. The high health status is reflected not only in the very good fattening performance, but also in the very low losses of 1.1%. As a result, the Zeller plant achieved 3.1 cycles per year. "With these services, you can still be in the black even in difficult economic times," said Josef Zeller junior.

Josef Zeller senior takes care of the animals, has a good eye for his pigs and sees immediately if you miss something. He is also responsible for the technology, as well as for the maintenance of his Spotmix system. "Every 14 days, the mixing tank must be checked and cleaned, and the intake filter of the air compressor blown out," explains Josef Zeller. "If a problem with software has occurred, it has been quickly resolved online by the Schauer customer service department. I can also rely on the good on-site service provided by the company Weihmüller. That was particularly important factor in the decision to build Schauer technology into the second fattening house "said Josef Zeller.

With the applied Bavarian genetics, as well as a good and sophisticated feeding management system, the pig farm Zeller produces regional pork of outstanding quality.

Josef Zeller junior wishes to actively support the purchase of regional products by his CONSUMERS.