Green 2000 Kft.

Green 2000 Kft, a Hungarian sow farm, decided to replace its old ESF feeding stations with Compident ESF stations from Schauer for better reliability and service support

The sow breeding and pig finisher company Green 2000 Kft runs well managed farms in three different locations. Nemesnádudvar is a closed farm with 1.650 breeding sows, as well as weaners and finisher pigs. After a successful test in 2018 with two Schauer Compident 8 ES feeding stations, the old machines were replaced. Overall, Green 2000 Kft. has had a positive experience using ESF systems for pregnant sows. The benefits of individual and restricted sow feeding resulted in healthier sows, higher life performance and lower feed costs.

The sow farm had been using 17 ESF (Electronic Sow Feeding) stations from a German competitor. For several reasons the farm decided to modernise the old system and replace it with Schauer Compident 8 ESF feeding systems running stable groups of sows. Systematically, over a period of 8 weeks for two days per week, when boxes were empty following the sows’ production cycle, two Compident 8 feeding stations were installed and started up until by the end of 2019 all feeding stations were replaced. Our technicians from Schauer Slovakia in Nitra supervised Hungarian subcontractor technicians and managed the start-up of the feeding systems.

All ESF feeding stations  are equipped with two different hoppers being able to provide a two-phase feeding strategy for the pregnant sows. Additionally as part of the renewal of the old ESF system a training section for gilts, equipped with two Compident Trainee stations – so called dummy stations - was created. These are non-controlled stations with an ad-lib-feeder where gilts can learn how to get feed in a feeding station. It is very important to provide a training section for gilts and the stations require a very low level of human assistance. Once the gilts are trained properly, after insemination they can be grouped together and fed and managed at the Compident 8 ESF feeding stations without any big efforts for additional training. The training area was completed in 2020. “It was a really important step to finish the concept with the training area”, Árpád Gyuró, the manager of the farm pointed out. “Once, the sows have been trained, they know how to use the Compident feeding stations properly. Otherwise you always have some (new) sows in the group and human aid is required to support the sows in using the system.”


The Compident 8 managing system provides real-time feeding data to support the farm management for better results

The Topo Compident feeding computer supplies within the feeding curves the exact calculated amount and type of feed for each sow and each day. The real feed consumption (which was dosed into the through) is recorded. Each feeding station is even equipped with its individual controller and is able to work independently from the central feeding computer. In between the recalculation of the new feeding data of the day the central computer collects the feeding data in real-time. The farm manager has access to the status and feed consumption data of the sows per remote control at any time from any location. “Since the Schauer Compident 8 ESF feeding stations have been working much more reliable than the prior system, it is not necessary to do anything with the feeding system all day long, but it is good to know that I could interact if required”, Mr. Árpád Gyuró mentioned and smiled. But also very satisfied with the decision is his boss, the manager of Green 2000 Kft. Mrs. Eva Schneider. She also very much likes to have access and appreciates how easy it is to produce reports about the status of the breeding farm, provided by the Schauer Compident ESF system.