Pig Farm Amstutz - A farm with Topigs Norsvin genetics that has been awarded for its achievements!
The Czech Topigs Norsvin sow farm is located near the town of Pisek and has a herd of 110 “TN70” sows (F1 sows). In addition to using professional genetics, the farm also uses Schauer feeding technology. Thanks to his expertise, he manages to feed the sows with Compident sow feeding and Spotmix multiphase feeding at the highest level in the best condition and highest performance level.

Topigs Norsvin awarded his sow no. 1477 for the best performance. Over six litters with 18.3 born and 16.3 live-born piglets. In the last litter, 15 piglets with an average weaning weight of 9.7 kg were weaned after 28 days.

Table 1: db.Planer/db.Top - anonymous company comparison

Although the pig farmer has not set the highest number of piglets as the primary target, his achievements are impressive. See Table 1 - the summary of the evaluation from the sow planner over a year from 25.7.2020 - 25.7.2021.

The excellent overall result of 33.5 weaned piglets per sow and year and an average weaning weight of 8.6 kg after 28 days of suckling speaks for itself and does not come by itself.

Amstutz selects the sows that have at least 16 teats. Individual sows even have 19 teats; the sow herd has an average of 16.4 functional teats, the gilts in rearing (aged 70-250 days) average are 17.1. This is important to be able to supply milk to the high number of live-born piglets with an average weaning weight of 8.6 kg after 28 days. The Spotmix multiphase feeding ensures, above all in the farrowing pen (5 feeding times/day), that the sows achieve the best possible feed intake and thus also the milk yield required to supply the piglets. What is impressive is that Amstutz does not use foster sows or a liquid feeding system to achieve these excellent results. The Spotmix feeding system feeds all animal categories (including 1000 fattening pigs) as a central feeding system. After the sows have been inseminated, they are fed rationed in the waiting stall with Compident instant feeding to prepare them optimally (in good condition) for the next birth.