Agricultural trade shows: what's new?

An overview of the new product developments to be seen at the upcoming trade shows.

In the jubilee year of its 70th anniversary, Schauer Agrotronic presents interesting novelties at the agricultural trade shows.

BeFree 2: The welfare-friendly farrowing pen allows maximum leeway (4,6 - 5m²), even within the 6-6,2m² total area.
Babyfeed: the piglet feeder features an improved fermentation system.
MamaDos Pro: The sow feeder is a real power turbo for your farrowing pen.
With Strohmatic Air - a further development of the proven Strohmatic bedding system is accomplished. Just like the standard Strohmatic system,  the Air Version also works almost dust-free.
The new calf hut increases the well-being of the calves in the dairy cattle shed.
The Heutimer: (hay timer) is a new head-free feeder for horses.